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Current Issues

To most doctors, the Dispensary is a loss leader. Meaning that it does not make money and in most cases leads to losses for the practice. 

The justification is that “it’s used to bring patients in the door”. 

The small losses add up and ultimately lead to huge unqualified and unquantified losses for the practice. 

This should not be the case. 

Stock Management

It’s true. Stock control and inventory is not a walk in the park. Without the right systems, it’s difficult to manage. 

Furthermore, the knowledge of the right products with high profit margins, best practice procurement and business acumen, hamper most doctors from growing their dispensary. 

Smart Practice, Smart Dispensary

Profitable Dispensary Practices

Here are four pillars of good dispensary management that will help to increase revenue and profits. 


Smart Procurement
Inventory Control & Management
Merchandising & Inventory Variety
Feel, Look & Customer Satisfaction
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Smart Practice, Smart Dispensary

iScript.co.za is a Smart Practice solution that helps to manage your Dispensary – end-to-end. 

This means that we look after your procurement, stock & inventory control to the look & feel of your dispensary. 

Let us take care of your dispensary, so that you can take care of your patients. 

Run a Profitable Dispensary

Let us take away the pain of running your Dispensary

Prescription or scheduled medicines are possibly the main reason your patients come to visit your surgery. 

However, to increase profitability of your dispensary, you need to look at opportunities provided by non-script items. 

A good variety of selected OTC products will boost your revenue and profits for your dispensary.

Market Research

We have done extensive market research for you through Medprax date to pick a formulary that wont let you down. 

Practice Management

Dispensary Management cannot run in isolation. That is why we bring you an All-in-One Practice & Financial Management System

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iScript - Practice Management System

Practice Management

All-in-One Practice Management System

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Financial Management

Complete Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Reporting

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Dispensary Management

Full Dispensary Management & Inventory Control

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