Practice Management

A Healthy Practice is a Healthy Patient!

Internal Controls

We ensure that your practice has internal controls that are routinely carried out to guarantee smooth running and pleasant patient experience.

Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual controls in every aspect of Practice Management

Business Processes

Well defined business processes within the practice is the only guarantee for predictable outcomes. 

Each business process is allocated to specific individual and tagged to their job description and expected outcome.

Patient Workflow

From booking & scheduling your patients to finding their Medical Aid benefit, you are covered. 

Medical Billing

Use optimized billing to ensure correct codes are billed to maximize provider outcomes. 

EMR Facility

Electronic, paperless Medical and Clinical Records stored in a digital easy-to-access format for your practice

Patient Portal

Self-service system to empower your patients to check-in, make payments, verify their details etc, to minimize patient administration

Smart Practice Solutions

We Use an end-to-end IT Solution

Our IT system will provide an end-to-end solution without the need for disjointed systems. 

We take Care of Your Practice

So You Can Take Care of Your Patients

iScript - Work Smart

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