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Our IT systems integrate Practice Management, Medical Billing, Financial Management and Dispensary Management – All-in-One Solution. It’s all you’ll ever need!

Medical Billing - iScript

Optimized Billing

A comprehensive billing system that ensures that the correct codes are billed, minimizing human error of codes being left out to maximise your practice income. Very powerful price models optimise billing and maximises provider income.

Paperless Clinical Notes

Paperless notes that include: Vitals, Side room investigations, Pathology (e-order and e-results), JACCOLD, Visually flag risks like Framingham, Diagnosis and treatment notes, Scripting with drug interaction etc.

Diary iScript

Diary & Schedule

Fully integrated diary for a faster reception. A powerful and robust diary that is customizable for each user. Customizations include booking statuses, diary display modes, colours and visibility as well as a diary-integrated task list. Plus, it includes an automated benefit checker

Online Booking - iScript

Online Booking

Through the MyGrandCentral patient portal (app and website), patients can now book appointments in real-time, 24/7, online with your practice. The appointments are integrated into the diary and all patient details will import with the booking.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a new time saving feature allowing the software to recognise a patient’s face, opening the correct file/booking and giving the receptionist the ability to greet a patient by his/her name and minimising mistaken identity.

Treatment Planning -

Treatment Planning

Provides a view to setup multiple visit treatment plan with billing. Print multi visit treatment plan and corresponding fee estimates and bill as work gets completed.

Reporting Dashboard -

Reporting Dashboard

The reporting dashboard helps you manage your entire practice in one place. It provides an overview of the practice’s performance with: Turnover report | Code breakdown report Practice overview report | Booking status report | Booking type report

Batch Reporting -

Batch Reporting

To support the workflow of most medical bureau’s to collect many different claims and submit them to the medical aid together (in batch), at the end of the day, iScript supports both batch and real-time claim submissions. Reporting can be done over multiple practices. You can generate numerous different monthly and quarterly reports like a summary age analysis.

Task Management - iscript

Task Management

The task manager allows the doctor to assign task to individuals in the office making office management more effective and convenient and provides a place for feedback once the task is done. Doctor can pin tasks on diary which works great for script requests and can even automatically pin incoming pathology based on result range.

Medical Billing -

Medical Billing

GoodX easily and accurately does all your practice’s billing: Sophisticated multiple price lists and billing groups to optimise turnover, Easy to use and powerful ICD-10 diagnosis coding, Material billing, Fast macro (combination) billing

Cash Register

Cash Register

Control your cash collections and make them auditable with our fully functional cash register. Own User sessions, Change calculations, Cash up with blind balancing, Administrative overview and sign off

Credit Control -

Credit Control

Complete, sophisticated debtor management system (credit controller) to minimize bad debt, lower the cost of debtor management and provide critical business information. The CCA can drive your debtor controller or be fully automated.

Medical Switching -

Medical Switching

Integrated real-time claims to most schemes (Discovery, Medscheme, MHG and Bestmed) with real-time patient validation to non-realtime schemes Free patient validation Free patient/family detail import Free benefit check with select schemes (including savings, authorisations and network doctor)

Electronic Remittance Advices

Electronic Remittance Advices

An ERA is an electronic remittance advice which provides you with the details about providers’ claim payments and rejections with rejection reasons. Receive remittance advice directly in from the medical aid and automatically reconcile remittance advices to save time. No more manual capturing of medical aid remittance. Import and evaluate, while still being in full control of the allocations before posting.

Online Payments -

Online Payments

Automatically sends SMS with payment link through MyGrandCentral system to make online credit and debit card payments easy. Payment link mechanism provides click feedback, which helps drive credit control process. Payment system has no upfront cost, only pay per use.

Disease Management -

Disease Management

Register patient for protocols with options to recall, send messages and even ask the patient to complete surveys. Manage patient follow up electronically with daily or weekly surveys and home measurements. Patient’s feedback leads to automatic categorisation with tailored follow up/management.

Patient Portal -

Patient Portal

The myGrandCentral Kiosk is a self service system that supports patient check ins, payments and bookings all by using the myGrandCentral patient portal. It is used to verify patient details, scan patient documents, consent to terms and conditions and even collect a patient’s medical history. This reduces patient administration, reduces typing errors with an import and compare function and increases peak patient throughput in your practice.

Online Payments -

POPPI Compliant

Compliance to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), also known as the POPI Act, will be mandatory for most organisations in South Africa. POPI stands for Protection of Personal Information. Regardless of whether there is a law or not, organisations should be considering what Personal Information they capture, manage and store, and how best to secure this.

Medical Practice Management

A complete and unified web application for every role in the medical practice. Simplified billing, flexible scheduling, insightful reporting and easy-to-use patient relationship management tools.

Web Based | Online

Access your data from anywhere, anytime from any device. The iScript solution provides remote, safe storage and access to all your data via the internet. This allows you to access any data from any devices, anywhere, anytime.

Easy to Use is a web-based system providing easy and fast patient input and billing, real-time medical aid claiming, smooth scripting, electronic pathology test and integrated clinical notes.

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